Digital Leader

Holger Nathrath

I’m passionate about bringing experiences to customers that truly delight them and make their life a bit better. This is my way to drive digitization in a human centered way. My multifaceted background as business leader and creative enabled me to create sustainable impact in start-up and large enterprise environment.

Experience Leadership

I believe that experience is the core differentiating factor in today’s increasingly fierce competition. The following four drivers are my cornerstones in gaining experience leadership and therefore key to sustainable success.

Customer Value

A clear vision for customer value, validated by a deep involvement of the customer throughout the value chain


Business Purpose

A strong and validated model for generating economic value as foundation for sustainable commitment and purpose

Quality Leadership

Uncompromising and actively managed quality aspirations based on outstanding creative and technical excellence


Fully empowered, cross-functional teams that let experts shine and create dynamics beyond the sum of their parts

Some Thoughts 


The Digital Transformation

Digitalization is one of the core drivers for transformation in our time. Experts see the spaces of possibility for a future between utopia and dystopia. It is up to us to shape this future for the people. This requires a broad dialogue between different disciplines such as artists, philosophers, sociologists, humanists and designers.


Customer Experience

Customer Experience provides the mindset and methods for symbiotically linking focus on the human, social responsibility and commercial success. Although a majority of the executive directors of international companies recognize the purpose and value of CX, the successful implementation of a CX Transformation is a serious challenge, especially for large companies.


Digital Leadership

The Digital Leader perceives digitization as a positive impulse for innovation, customer orientation and the answer to major social problems. He is driven by the unconditional will to develop innovative digital solutions with cross-functional teams and values this over personal gain in power. Digital leadership requires a participatory and open management style that creates impact across functional silos and hierarchies.



Our responsibility is not only to develop innovative solutions, but to shape a future but to create a future worth living in. Sustainability does not only refer to the environmental aspect. The factors for sustainability have been synthesized by 193 countries into 17 global goals to achieve fundamental improvements in the world by 2030.

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