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Digital Transformation

The challenge of a tremendous change

Digitization is one of the central drivers of change in our time. Referred to by the World Economic Forum as the „Fourth Industrial Revolution“, it is already profoundly changing our society today. The capabilities of artificial intelligence are developing exponentially, personal data are becoming a digital personality, man and machine merge.

Experts see the possibility of a potential future between utopia and dystopia. It is up to us to shape this future. Do we accept that in the future our digital personality can be automatically analyzed, controlled, predicted, sold and monitored from anonymous servers? No retreat, no privacy but radical transparency?

We are faced with the question of how the operating system of the 21st century should look.

Andrew Keen


In order to actively influence future developments, alternative concepts are needed, concepts that focus on the self-determination and value of the human being as an individual. This requires a broad dialogue between different disciplines such as designers, philosophers, sociologists, humanists and artists.

Politics and business have the means to shape the future. They are in a position to embrace social responsibility. To do this, the human being and not the technology must become the starting point for activities and thinking, and a new quality of leadership is needed at all levels.

Let’s connect and start something new!

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